Time Out London

WC Spread


Four years ago I took part in a group project with several other photographers. We set out to document the World Cup, the only problem being we didn’t have tickets to any of the matches, or flights to South Africa. But being stuck in London wasn’t all bad, as most countries are represented here (we didn’t meet any North Koreans), and they they know how to gather when their country is competing.

In the process I had a Brazilian hair cut, sipped Algerian sweet tea, downed schnapps with Danish and consumed plate loads of paella with the victorious Spanish. I looked oddly out of place in a Dutch sea of orange. There were pints of beer flowing and a dancable samba band playing throughout Brazil’s involvement.
At a time when contentious migration issues are being debated in Britain, the 2014 World Cup will again be a time to celebrate with different nations the diversity that makes London one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

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