New Camera, New Portraits


For several years now I’ve been coveting  a new-old camera, one that enables me to take square portraits on medium format film. After asking a loads of fellow photographers for advice, and spending weigh too long in certain specialist camera shops handling bodies of various vintages, I plumped for a Hasselblad 500c/m.

I’ve only had a few rolls of film back, but am enjoying getting acquainted with this beast. It has a waist level viewfinder, so I’m looking down when taking portraits, a dynamic which visibly alters the resulting aesthetic. A longer time period is needed to focus and compose, which leads to an altogether slower process. I wander if they look any different in your eyes to an image taken on a camera phone?

Thanks to all the subjects here.

Environmental Video of the Year



At the opening of the Environmental Photographer of the Year exhibition I was announced as winner of the Video of the Year for Shaking the Tree. The photos and videos in the exhibition at The Royal Geographic Society were selected from over 3,000 entries. I’m thrilled to be a part of it, it’s the biggest accolade  that I’ve received. Here I am in the photo talking to employees of one sponsor, Atkins Global.

The film documents how one man inspired an army of fruit harvesters in his local community. Michael and his team of enthusiastic volunteers gather tons of apples and pears each year which would otherwise rot. Too many to eat themselves, they put them to creative use by engaging with high street shoppers and residents. Thanks to the star Michael Stuart and all responsible for making the exhibition happen.