Foraging at Grow Heathrow

Apples, damsons and pressing

Apples, juice, damsons, hawthorns and pressing

Much of the weekend I spent at Grow Heathrow, an eco-village that is situated just outside the perimeter of Heathrow Airport. It started off as a protest against a third runway, and has evolved into a community that lives off grid, powering all of it’s own electricity through solar and wind power.

At certain times of the year they invite visitors to participate in events and workshops, like foraging and apple pressing which took place this weekend. I’ve been back to the site in order to photograph the evolution of the project every few week or months. Check out my ongoing project here.

The apple press we used was an old fashioned one that made the whole process very interactive, and a great way to pass the time while chatting to others. The damsons (miniature purple plums) tasted really sweet, but the biggest surprise was discovering mushrooms on the way back from the orchard. Puffball and another unidentified variety were picked, and collected. The former are round, white and have little taste but do well in stews or with garlic.