London Mayoral Elections



On London Mayoral election day, I’d like to share the candidates that I photographed in recent weeks, Peter Whittle (UKIP) and Sian Berry (Green Party), one of will shortly get my vote. More London Portraits here

London Portrait Profiles



I’ve updated the London Portrait gallery on my website, which features profiles of individual commissioned by magazines, taken in a corporate and editorial style. Some are expressive heads during interviews, while there are also some stunning headshots taken in London. It is my aim to capture the subject in a natural way which conveys some of their personality, while also bringing out the best in sitters. Often I will shoot on location, arriving hours prior to a meeting in order to find inspiring backdrops nearby. I use minimal off-camera flash in order to create light which enhance features where appropriate.

Some of the work on my gallery are of Members of Parliaments (MPs) portraits whom I enjoy meeting. This gallery also consists of legal portraits – lawyers and those working in law or the wider sector.


Beigel Bake

Beigel Bake


Beigel Bake in London’s East End is a bakery that has built up a loyal band of customers since its doors first opened in 1974. They come regularly from all corners of London seeking a taste of beigels baked in a traditional Jewish style, with fillings such as hot salt beef, cream cheese with smoked salmon and chopped herring. In a world of pop-ups and fast-changing fads, Beigel Bake’s long-standing presence has become part of it’s popular appeal.  As part of London photographic collective LDNtwentyfour7, I took a portrait each hour of the day in and around this establishment. Our collective currently boasts 6 members, all of whom submitted 24 pictures to be shown in Canvas, a Brick Lane gallery and cafe. We captured portraits of local characters, epicures, midnight snackers, eaters-on-the-goers and morning after-the-night-before revellers.

On a personal note I was able to try out my new camera purchase, a Hasselblad 6×6. It’s a format that I’ve always admired when seeing pictures on gallery walls etc. It’s not just the square aspect, but the fact that the photographer is looking down rather than straight at the subject that adds to this camera’s allure.


PhotoVoice Awards Shortlist

The Cornish AmericansGrow Heathrow


A selection of my photos from Transition Heathrow have been shortlisted for the Photovoice awards at Printspace in Shoreditch. On the theme of community, 5 other photographers have work featured showing diverse areas such as the reinvention of the Cornish in America today (Robert Herron) and Communes in Huerfano Valley (Zoe Childerley). All welcome to the Private View 20 August.

Massive college posters

OJ7A3955 OJ7A3968 OJ7A4008


I was delighted to see my pictures leap off the screen and onto these giant hoardings, advertising courses that the College of NW London offer. I spent 2 days going around the various departments shooting specifically for this purpose, spending more time than usual lighting as I knew the quality required was of paramount importance. 2 off camera flashes were used in mostly. The fact that this college offers lots of practical courses meant that desk/computer shots were thankfully kept to a minimum. I was relieved when I saw that the images were not pixelated even at over 2 meters tall – thanks Canon 5D3!


Stroud Potato Day


Recently I have become a core member of my local Transition Town, Kensal to Kilburn. But for several years I have been photographing events and projects initiated by Transition Towns, all of which are about engaging in, or promoting sustainability. The Stroud Potato Day was my first venture to a Transition event outside of London, a 2.5 hour journey to be precise. The annual selling of tubers in this west country market town was flagged up in Rob Hopkins’s (co-founder of the movement) recent book, as it’s been running successfully for several years. The group positioned themselves in the town’s main indoor shopping mall, Merrywalks, in order to utilise the busy Saturday footfall. Passers-by and enthusiasts alike are able to choose between 18 varieties of potatoes to purchase. Tubers are for growing rather than cooking. As with previous years  business was brisk, with one variety selling out within the first hour and a half. Shoppers were drawn in by fresh cake made with potato flour, and the unusual sight of a Transition member donned  in a hessian sack. Thanks to Helen and all at Transition Stroud and Down to Earth for persuading me to grow spuds for the first time this year. More of my Transition Town images here.

NW6 wine comes of age

NW6 Wine bottling event

Last Autumn part of my local Transition Town, Kensal to Kilburn were out gathering local produce such as apples, pears and grapes. It was my good fortune to taste some of the wine that had been maturing in 3 separate demijohns since then, all of which had a unique taste. Not entirely mature, the consensus was to postpone bottling until April, with hope that a better flavour will be evident, and a street party is organised of the 2nd attempt. NW6, the London postcode of Kilburn and Queen’s Park is being used as the brand. The heartwarming way in which it has come into this world is through a collaboration of up to a dozen vine owners, all local, plus the involvement of 30 neighbours. “We trampled barefoot, our legs blood red as we came out of the barrel.” remarked co-ordinator Leo Johnson. More pictures can be seen on my Transition Towns photos gallery.

Legal management studio shoot

Briefing No 14

Most of the portraits I get commissioned to take are on location, at a subjects house or place of work. So I was excited to have landed a job in an East London studio, photographing a group of six individuals from the legal sector. The Shoreditch ambience was evident in the jazzy vibes emanating from the music box, rustic warehouse aesthetic and coffee on drip. Windows along the main studio wall could have caused me havoc with hotspot reflections from lights, so I was thankful to have arrived far enough ahead in order to work out a way of minimising this. Furniture came in all shape and sizes, providing a nice variety of interesting seating options, and the group was mixed enough in appearance to enable a final image that I was pleased with. The reward? A cover as well as DPS in this month’s Briefing. More London editorial and corporate portraits here.

Fiona Woolf in The Guardian



One of my pictures appears in The Guardian, the newspaper that I most regularly read. It’s of Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London, who was controversially given a role to chair an enquiry into child abuse. But I took the picture almost a year ago for a legal title, an intimate interview at which she admitted myself and the journalist into her expansive office. More of my profile portraits can be viewed on my website gallery. When I have time I spend painstaking hours key wording images prior to submitting them to picture libraries and agencies, and occasionally they see the light of day in high profile publications.

Eviction Threat at Grow Heathrow

Eviction Resistance

Eviction Resistance

I have been photographing a community known as Grow Heathrow for over 3 years, a community garden and site for activists protesting against third runway expansion.

Recently there has been a threat of eviction from a landowner who wants to regain control of the plot, despite leaving it as dumping ground previously. Local support in the area is unquestionably in favour of the residents of Grow Heathrow, who throughout over 4 years have created a community hub.

The local County Court gave the landowner to permission to take his land back on the day of August 14th, but the show of support from residents and friends of the site was so strong, that Mr. Mallick didn’t have the means for eviction. There was also a massive media presence, with news of the day broadcast by the BBC and on The Guardian, Independent etc. Singing, dancing, speeches all took place, as well as gardening as usual, and meals served up made from vegetables grown on site or skipped.

More Grow Heathrow images here taken over the course of 4 years.