Environmental Photographer of the Year

Bee montage

Beekeeping picture at the Foto8 Summer Show

This picture’s done OK for me. You may know it from the homepage on my website, but it was also selected for the prestigious Foto8 Summer Show in East London. That’s me looking suntanned and a bit smug (that’s why I’d rather take pictures) in July 2012. The photo has also been reproduced in the Transition Free Press and helped me get my foot in the door at Friends of the Earth. As from April 10th-May 3rd it will be on show at The Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington as part of the Environmental Photographer of the Year, as well as one of my films, Shaking the Tree. The picture itself was taken during a gorgeous day in Finsbury Park, as part of a workshop. All the participants were told to don a beekeeping suit, which begs me to ask whether I should wear one more often.