NW6 wine comes of age

NW6 Wine bottling event

Last Autumn part of my local Transition Town, Kensal to Kilburn were out gathering local produce such as apples, pears and grapes. It was my good fortune to taste some of the wine that had been maturing in 3 separate demijohns since then, all of which had a unique taste. Not entirely mature, the consensus was to postpone bottling until April, with hope that a better flavour will be evident, and a street party is organised of the 2nd attempt. NW6, the London postcode of Kilburn and Queen’s Park is being used as the brand. The heartwarming way in which it has come into this world is through a collaboration of up to a dozen vine owners, all local, plus the involvement of 30 neighbours. “We trampled barefoot, our legs blood red as we came out of the barrel.” remarked co-ordinator Leo Johnson. More pictures can be seen on my Transition Towns photos gallery.