Grow Heathrow 3rd birthday



I have been taking photos at Grow Heathrow for 18 months now, and the recent open day celebrating the 3rd birthday of the project was the busiest I’ve seen it. Well over 100 people came through the gates, many of whom were people from the local villages, but also friends, squatters and people interested in alternative living from further afield, plus John McDonnell, the local MP.


Grow Heathrow residents have for many months been threatened with eviction from the the landowner, and days like these are a good opportunity for strengthening ties for Grow Heathrow, which in turn reinforces the validity of the project. Highlights of the day included pizza assembly, music, site tours, erecting a wind turbine and yoga in the newly assembled  yurt. The last one was the only place I warmed up on what became a chilly evening. More of my Grow Heathrow/Transition Heathrow pictures can be seen by clicking the link.