Photographing an MP

I have photographed many MPs and I enjoy the challenge. The common conception of them being dashing off to meetings and having little spare time is true in my experience. I was nervous ahead of photographing Sadiq Khan, the Shadow Justice Minister, as the Art Editor at the Law Society Gazette phoned me several times to warn me that they were relaunching, and that I needed to come up with some pictures with a killer instinct. It was a profile piece, rather than a chatty or animated on, so luckily the mood suited the required pose. I took my usual brollie, and due to the rain it was being inconsistent and making me convulse in nervous exasperation! Luckily the silver reflector I had lifted the light in his eyes, providing a really intense light (image at top). He was a very patient sitter, and the reporter I asked to assist me with holding duty said she got more copy out of him through casual conversation on Parliament Square than she did during the whole interview.