Sweaty boxers


Boxing at Alexandra Palace

At the weekend I brought home more than I bargained for, as I got rained upon by sweat from boxers fighting at Alexandra Palace. I took a combination of photos from the giant organ at one side of the Great Hall, which gave me a wide perspective of the crowd on all sides of the ring. The commission required taking photos of the crowd, and as I’d never attended a professional match before, so I saw it as a good opportunity to observe. Lots of men, as you’d expect and very laddish in their behaviour with extremely glam trophy wives and girlfriends paraded around. I think all of them aspired to be boxers. I concentrated on the ringside shots once I had photographed all the context. It’s one of the most difficult sports to photograph, as there’s a very small window of vision in which to poke the camera lens through, between two ropes. No flash is permitted, and available light is minimal, while the photographers are all jostling with each other for elbow space.